Friday, October 22, 2010

Process Assessment: the need for some "quick success"?

Friends started to pay attention more and more "process-oriented performance" rather than "sector-oriented performance", they talked about more and more systematic process for performance system, concerned about how the performance appraisal from three established model that KPI / BSC / EVA overall switch to "process-oriented performance system," process indicators set how complex formula be careful. I would like, you can borrow Yi Zhongtian's "Breaking and Entering on aesthetics," the topic to talk about my views.

Comprehensive assessment too early

Yi Zhongtian "Breaking and Entering on aesthetics" of the title, is trying to differentiate itself from "the system of attention to the aesthetic framework elaborated." He is concerned for the reader, what new fun and aesthetics and to enhance the individual, it is worth spending a afternoon tea time, spent 20-dollars for the book to see.

I borrowed "Breaking and Entering," the formulation, is to clarify the "systematic and comprehensive process-oriented framework for the assessment," for 99.9% of Chinese companies too early, do not have soil. Why?

For example, the human resources department generally agreed that the system's comprehensive framework of assessment is job and nothing, but how many business people familiar with the processes responsible for human resources, for the process, the process has been cordial and Shunian, and urgent to be undertaken "systematic and comprehensive process-oriented framework for the evaluation well"? I saw the reality is that, when connected to corporate human resources training of extension staff person in charge of the phone, many HR processes are talking do not know what to do with their daily job design / What is the relationship between performance pay.

Therefore, to implement the "process-oriented assessment," we should pay more attention to how cut into, how fast effective, how not to assessment and evaluation, but to process change is good, good performance change. Broke down the door, there is something "broke foot, get in the door to be considered that kicked success" means.

Provide quick business process

As to how the "system process-oriented framework of job design / performance pay", I suggest look at whether an enterprise to meet two prerequisites: it is the top 100 Chinese enterprises, whether corporate executives and HR each person has to "met with the flow particularly pro "level. Otherwise, the talks also white talk, talk.

So, how cut into, how fast it effective? I briefly list a few suggestions.

1. Toying with the assessment, first find a pressing process, the performance record of this process the situation. We have to go to find problems in the record: When this process over the performance of good / bad / stable / unstable factors are. There are a lot of homework is worth doing.

2. Process performance indicators, not the many and complex, even with the weighted formula, the key is to find a concise, insightful, and not for final output indicators of the sector perspective. This indicator should be to research thoroughly, and needs a lot of work. For example, AMT advice in helping a fast moving consumer goods companies to optimize new product process, they found only for the "new product success rates" that there are a lot of work to do. Because of what is new products, even not the same understanding of the enterprise, not to mention the beginning of the "new product success rates" have the same understanding of the. Another example, a company would like to measure HR in the "morale" the positive role, just put a traffic light button factory gate, the staff of tightness on by the "red", the air is crisp on the press "Green" - What a " Breaking and Entering "charm!

3. Can record one or two key processes and assessment up very good, and does not require evaluation of all processes are carried out. To pursue short-term results, with facts, the time is right will be extended to all natural processes. Divert all dilutive to all processes can be compared to a grass nest which hatch 1000 eggs, which are sterile chicken estimates. For this to two key processes, process optimization seminar should be a routine of regularly oriented, control data recorded every two weeks, think about how optimization in the end. Not for assessment and evaluation, and ultimately to business-oriented.

4. Process indicators of who is back? Some people can not self-consciously to the back, then the process manager / owner / owner who, in this role have sufficient authority and charm, in the process on to lead, organize the resources of other departments.

If a business process, the various departments who are not satisfied with who you are, even the top leaders, such as deputy speaker, then the process-oriented system of evaluation and then pretty gorgeous, and only number one is the real vice or process manager / owner by the government crushed a large one, not the authorization process in place, that time is the rule of man. The present situation, if not the sole responsibility of each department, you can consider setting up a committee to be responsible, who is the Chairman of the committee, who was involved, the number of participants is odd or even, what decision-making mechanism, many details of the worth of . In a capital city of China Mobile, their examination by the two departmental management, business-oriented, performance, process assessment, implementation by the Operations; for human development, enhance the overall ability and quality assessment, from HR to implement .

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Paladin 4 broken off thoughts (1)

It took 53 hours. Finally broke their four finishes. On the plot. Characters. Outcome will have different ideas.

Is written to share with you ..

From the figures began. Because the Milky Way with a chain story. So his thoughts together to write reflections Jiugen story. Next free then upload @ @

Han Ling yarn - against the tragic fate of

Mr Ngai said: "The unexpected result is not a tragedy. The real tragedy. Is clear that to go down that road. The result is tragedy. But still have to go down that road."

Link yarn itself. Is a classic tragedy

She was only a 17-year-old girl. Hearty generous. Lovely. Hearted. But in order to get rid of short-lived HAN family curse. Have drug laws since the foot journey to find eternal youth.

She did not know why the beginning was that Han will be a curse. Just very hard to find ways to change the fate. "Nitian" This theme completely on her show

The fate or destiny is a joke. She also has a "day of my life I will not help," the idea of Tianhe acquaintance. Touch Wangshu sword. More of a joy in life. But also deepened her tragedy

Although she was always angry and have nothing to say Milky Way. While the patient is always in the hearts of meditation. But it is undeniable. Her interaction with the Milky Way. Unconsciously cultivate deep yoke. Tianhe the world's most people understand Perhaps it was her .. (Milky Way can be translated to say .. "can not find wearing shoes. no shoes on to found the" This is a classic a case of two sentences. XDD)

Then understand the dream glass. They gradually from the initial Dan desert to sisterly friendship. Know purple English. The first and purple is her English dialogue. The first to know purple English. A friend is also her

Four together. Lingsha the idea of increasing the negative changes. From the beginning piano Kyi met. Listening to the sound of the piano to her. Thinking about her experience. So to say: "If you really want to and separated from a loved one. I prefer not to know him a start. "this is the case.

When the full moon to the King Wah School. Become: "I think a lot. Previous to think of it will be very hard to accept things. But many have a clear insight of the most important thing is not .. the people and things around. The is a person's state of mind. "

Thus, changing her mind. See become open. After hit by bombshell. Mengli leave. Past the truth clear. And when to break Xiao Xuan. Is she encourages the British Tianhe and purple. Even know duong tho short. Even if Wang Shu sword will harm the suffering she died. she say: "I hope. .. a few months regardless of their own can Huoduo Jiu. several tens day oersted does not matter. As long as we live happily. Do not think sad thing .. "

For her. As long as the memory in her. .. She had to meet their duong tho so willing to breakage. Presented to the Milky Way Shooting bow. Just hope Milky Way do not forget her .. so willing to give up their firmly believes that one can change the fate of the mind. Tianhe them not just to take risk again for her ..

Finally. In Qingluan the peak. She finally admitted that Milky Way is the most important person in her heart. The Milky Way's most important is her heart

Finally. Despite her grave. But above and the Milky Way clear that she has married. Tianhe side also has to always be with her. Would not let her lonely tomb built for himself. And the sword next to the tomb of Wang Shu. Also have two butterfly. .. Shuangsushuangfei teacher on the street dancing ...

Lingsha last days must be very happy

Although she is a tragedy. But it is also the happiest comedy

(True to say we can only say too much on the soft sadness = =.. engage in such a way not get a hundred years later .. .. Lingsha only human. Hundred years later, of course, do not get one she died .. and the Milky Way's plan to make up for her happy life ...)


Murong Purple English - Gao Jie Xia indomitable spirit

He is four to change the most. He started the cold sweat .. I really like to see Du Gu Jiong Yu Yun .. .. but then he truly is a purple-British. To be his own

He early. Is completely old-fashioned big blocks of ice .. see not hesitate to kill demons. On the Milky Way also harshly. But also when dealing with them. Not conscious of the change.

At first he only felt Milky Way unscrupulousness. But then know it is true to the Milky Way. Outspoken performance

Four adventures together. Experienced. Full of purple never thought of all the British. Four lanterns in Jimo see fireworks. Mutual understanding at that moment. Must be the happiest beautiful purple hearts British time. So Qionghua Tour when the month. purple deep hope that the Milky Way they leave Britain. are doing at the moment and under Lingsha convention: when a happy Sword

In Juchao country. Purple and Milky Way sub-concept of the British because three break. Even so. But the Purple English should calm down later thinking: monster really have got to be? He. Is wrong?

So they came back in the Milky Way. Has been secretly guarding them. They also want a good

Later. That glass is a dream demon. Qionghua camp was also found for the unscrupulous on Cultivation. In the spirit world when the sky clear to him said: "Whether it is a monster is human. Dead as a ghost after all .. you are now humans. next life might become demons. That's what you keep it not ridiculous? "

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Find out the psychological make promotions

As the old saying goes: hard to picture painted dragon tiger bone, 鐭ヤ汉鐭ラ潰涓嶇煡蹇? Shows how human psychology is hidden and difficult to know, the fighting line in the market, the colleagues should be more deeply impressed, even the best market conditions, even the best planning programs need to understand customer psychology to homeopathy after the application or the effective implementation, to understand consumer psychology to do after a market is often very easy. A recent promotion, the customer presents a Shopping guide and wonderful psychological warfare between.


September 2009 to early October, a furniture manufacturer brand made for the wedding of a large crowd promotions, most of the activities in the country has made very good results can be only in the northern city of response is not T- good. After an investigation that turned out to be a problem with the bedroom package, this package of promotional content bedroom is price: 9200 yuan's "leather bed frame + Mattress + + row + 2 bedside cabinets bedding" special package priced at just 5,600 yuan. Promotional efforts really large one, to attract many customers, is the final transaction may be very low, nearly a month of promotion to sell a set period of time only. Nearly 90% of customers will ask two questions:

First, the package within two bedside cabinets and bed styles do not match, the shape does not look good bedside cabinet, put together a very far-fetched, can not cheaper to buy two for favorite bedside not make do, right?

Second, the price reduction will make the request: it is cheaper again, 5600 is too expensive, I bought 4,000 yuan.

Analysis and Adjustment

Faced with this situation, I organize the store manager and staff to do the detailed analysis, and reached the following conclusions and adjustment measures.

T City customer's spending habits and psychological: T City is located in the North China Plain, has a very strong heavy industrial base, strong purchasing power per capita consumption is relatively rational and general promotional activities such as buying gifts is not a cold, psychological bargaining is "Do not send things I reject, the minimum amount of money you say it?." Even if the business of special hit the minimum, even without making any profit, minus the consumer can make you money, or basic will not buy.

I Analysis: Chinese consumers bargain shopping is a normal phenomenon, in the building materials market in other large and small brands can appropriate more money or get points by small things, if the price on your family insist the situation is unchanged would be very difficult, unless your brand is already in a very strong position. In order to stabilize prices, to control market prices, we can not choose to cut prices, but we can make full use of gifts - to give customers some of the other items to meet their taking advantage of the psychological. The promotion of the core point of customer questions is "price and bedside cabinet", in such circumstances we have made the appropriate transform the way marketing, customer-psychological adjustment program.



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Servlet with MIDlet activation

MIDlet activation with Servlet, you can activate a CGI like the same MIDlet activation Servlet, this section will introduce two examples:

The first example of activation with GET operation Servlet, and displays the results.

The second example is the Servlet to accept user data from the phone onto POST

The following example of the content is, FirstMidletServlet activated by GET method and returns the display to the phone. In this case did not submit data to the Servlet, Servlet been activated for a return to the string "Servlet Invoked" and date to the client.

Here is the code MIDlet
import *; import .*; import javax.microedition.lcdui .*; import javax.microedition.midlet .*; / bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware backup bin conf config data eshow_sitemap.html log maint sitemap.html svn tmp An example MIDlet to invoke a CGI script. backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp / public class FirstMidletServlet extends MIDlet (private Display display; String url = " HelloServlet "; public FirstMidletServlet () (display = Display.getDisplay (this);) / / Initialization. Invoked when MIDlet activates public void startApp () (try (invokeServlet (url);) catch (IOException e) (System.out. println ("IOException" + e); e.printStackTrace ();)) / / Pause, discontinue .... public void pauseApp () () / / Destroy must cleanup everything. public void destroyApp (boolean unconditional) ( ) / / Prepare connection and streams then invoke servlet. void invokeServlet (String url) throws IOException (HttpConnection c = null; InputStream is = null; StringBuffer b = new StringBuffer (); TextBox t = null; try (c = (HttpConnection) (url); c.setRequestMethod (HttpConnection.GET); c.setRequestProperty ("IF-Modified-Since", "20 Jan 2001 16:19:14 GMT"); c.setRequestProperty ("User -Agent "," Profile/MIDP-1.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.0 "); c.setRequestProperty (" Content-Language "," en-CA "); is = c.openDataInputStream (); int ch; / / receive response and display it in a textbox. while ((ch = ())! = -1) (b.append ((char) ch);) t = new TextBox ("First Servlet", b.toString (), 1024, 0);) finally (if (is! = null) (is.close ();) if (c! = null) (c.close ();)) display.setCurrent (t );))
The following is to return "Servlet Invoked" and date code HelloServlet
import *; import java.util .*; import javax.servlet .*; import javax.servlet.http .*; / bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware backup bin conf config data eshow_sitemap.html log maint sitemap.html svn tmp The simplest possible servlet . backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp / public class HelloServlet extends HttpServlet (public void doGet (HttpServletRequest request
Servlet MIDlet is activated more than two examples.

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PS production pearl necklace

Few women can resist the charm of jewelry, and elegant crystal pearl has won its popularity. Then nothing can be like a pearl jewelry, from nine to nine-year-old girl's old lady clothes can see it coming from side light. In the East, Pearl auspicious complete, the New Year, give you a pearl necklace, wish you peace in the new year come true!

1. Create a new document, select the Oval tool in the tool bar in the tool bar select "Create a new shape layer." Open the info panel, hold down the Shift key, drag the picture of a positive circle, drag the mouse in the same time, observe the information panel, see round the length and width are 24 pixels, relax the mouse. Thus, a previous view of the small circle to fill color in the canvas at the same time will also appear on the Layers panel called "Shape 1" layer. Here, foreground, and the final result we can say that there is no significant relationship, so do not care.

If you are not used to the way this layer clipping path, then you can use the old method: a new floor, because we use layer styles to achieve this effect, so the new layer is bound to be small. Elliptical Marquee Tool draw with a 24 脳 24 pixel circular, methods, and the same as above, after the abolition of selection can be filled with color. (Figure 01)

Figure 01

This is the first day you learn Photoshop can be done. But can you imagine? Is this common small round will be in your hands into a crystal pearls moist! This all is a layer style magic, no use other tools or filters! Is not it incredible? The following step by step we have to reveal this mystery.

2. If you use the second method, then double-click the layer thumbnail, adjusting the layer style menu. If you're like me, use the first method, then double-click the layer name, bring up the layer style menu. We add a layer style. First, the shadow, click projection style, the distance to 3 pixels, the size of 6 pixels, the other to keep the default unchanged. (Figure 02)

Figure 02

3. Next is the inner glow, this is to emphasize the circular edge. Hybrid model will be illuminated by the screen to Multiply, Opacity to 40%, light color to black; in Figure cable in the size to 1 pixel; qualities, will increase to 75% range, other remain unchanged. (Figure 03)

Figure 03

4. The following are slope and relief, Note: In our case, this is the most critical step, the pearl shape it to the performance by the majority. Structural panel, select the style for the inner slope, method of "carving clear", a depth of 610%, direction, the size of 9 pixels, softened 3 pixels; shadow panel, angle of -60 degrees to remove the global light , height of 65 degrees, in the gloss contour type, first select the default "rolling slopes - decreasing" pattern, then Figure 04

Figure 04

Modified mapping curve, cancel anti-aliasing option, keep the default high-light and shadows of color and pattern, but will not change the transparency of 90%, respectively and 50% (Figure 05).

Figure 05

Click the Contour Panel and click on contour lines show contour editor, the set and the contour curve shape similar to Figure 06, you can first select the type of contour lines "record", then the slightly unchanged on it.

Figure 06

The role of contour lines are very clear, it gives a strong reflective pearl effect, but, round pearls are also well demonstrated. (Figure 07)

Figure 07

Result in the application of the relief and contour, the image of the situation and your background has a lot to. If you start using a dark fill, now your image looks, and does not look like a pearl, but like a metal ball, the deeper background, the metal effect is more obvious; if you are using a light-colored filled, then your image may look very close to our aim, if started using a white, then you've got an almost perfect white pearl was. If you want to change the color, simply double-click the layer thumbnail

Photoshop's color picker pop-up in this layer you can choose to change the color. The following process is aimed at those who had set the color depth. (Figure 08)

Figure 08


5. Generally light-colored pearls have a special pearl luster, crystal clear and soft, dark-colored pearls may have a metallic luster, but still lose soft color, we use the color overlay to eliminate excessive color. Select Color Overlay style, set the mixed mode to brighten the color to white, opacity 52% (Figure 09).

Figure 09

Color Overlay effect is particularly evident on dark-colored pearls. As the water contained in the different mineral elements, there will be a variety of pearl colors. If you want some colored pearls, then get in here, and milk yellow, lilac purple, pink, rose, bronze, dark blue, black, to see you like (Figure 10). But to get Need for pearls, and some tasks to be done.

Figure 10

6. Like the pearl of the people know that light-colored pearls to pearl white Shaodai red roses is the best, here we have to create such a pearl. Select Gradient Overlay style, according to the default settings, the result may be some frustrating - seems like a small steel ball (Figure 11).

Figure 11

But do not worry, we can use another layer style to it recover gloss, yes, that is, "glossy" style. In the structure of mixed-mode select "overlay", color RGB (225,159,159), 72% opacity, angle of 135 degrees, a distance of 8 pixels, the size of 9 pixels, the contour line style, select "Tapered - reverse", select the anti-aliasing option. In this way, we can show through the reflective surface of the pearl] refraction and interference mixing, the resulting color of the halo. (Figure 12)

Figure 12

This point, our pearl style on all complete. You can click on the style in the new style button panel, to preserve, named for the "pearl". Better then the default manager for permanent preservation, so do not worry about re-install Photoshop and lost.

Now to test what effect. New layer, click on the newly saved style, this layer of application of this style. Select gun tool, brush size set to 24, set the hardness of 100, give it a try, free to spray the canvas, a pearl will appear. Photoshop in a redistribution in the layer style, so that our pearls would be the natural transition from light to dark. Pearl necklace to draw the words, but also increase the distance between the brush, following the example of the brush spacing of 107%, plus a chain, on it. If you feel a bit monotonous, with a dark blue on the background, plus some variegated and blur effects, imitation velvet substrate, this can be even more Ambilight pearl foil. (Figure pearl)

Figure pearl

If you want larger or smaller pearls then? Reduce or enlarge the brush, the style of the layers in the set to draw, but found that there style of deformation, pearls look completely different. (Figure 13).

Figure 13

Should we only make a single diameter of pearls? Of course not. Photoshop provides a way for us so that we can apply a layer style mobile and flexible. In the Layers panel, right-click the layer effect icon instructions from the pop-up menu, select "zoom effect" (Figure 14),

Figure 14

Figure 13, a small brush diameter is 12 pixels, then we will zoom set to 50% (Figure 15), so the layers can completely match up with the images. Similarly, the larger diameter of 48 pixel brush, then set the value will be 200% zoom. So effortlessly, you can get a Big East beads (Figure 16).

Figure 15

Figure 16


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Symantec: Free software is only gimmick is difficult to kill hospice

August 11, Symantec vice president, Greater China CEO interview Wuxi Yuan told New Express reporter, said: "At present, anti-virus software robust in much of the free wave, just a marketing gimmick, not a business models. IT products to be marketed free of charge, there is no end of examples of good death. "He said that the reason for the Chinese market will appear for free antivirus software phenomenon, cause some manufacturers eager to open up the situation, the result is that manufacturers can not make any money channel to make money, you did not receive appropriate services and security.

It is learned that Symantec's business in China to maintain double-digit percentage growth in southern China's large client business even more than triple-digit percentage growth, "the scale of such high growth in the global IT industry is unique. "According to Wuxi Yuan said, telecommunications, finance, large corporate and government customers, the growth rate is alarming, as they are more and more emphasis on safety and storage.

Symantec in China market in the Asia Pacific region ranks second, with the first of the Japanese market is almost the same, but 34 years ago, China's market is less than half the Japanese market. This year, Symantec on a dramatic change channels. In Wuxi Yuan view, today's value lies in the software channels "create demand", while the price is different from the hardware industry Competition. He believes that the product outside, who can provide users with more added value, can help companies take good care of customers, can do marketing, who will be living space.

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Youtube Movie to PS3 Platinum

Hot popluar youtube video Converter + download + player tool. With YouTube tool you can also convert downloaded YouTube videos to a format compatible with your favorite portable device; including - iPod Video, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, Zune, PSP, as well as video capable MP3 players, video capable mobile phones, and Pocket PC, And finally... YouTube tool's embedded player will allow you to watch all your favorite YouTube videos off-line. So now you can enjoy any .flv and .swf videos anytime!
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